• Online Personal Branding

Online personal branding and reputation management for smart leaders

So, what is an online personal branding coach? Simply put, it’s someone who can help you to redefine your social footprint to present a ‘digital first’ authentic impression in a busy online world.

Everyone has a personal brand; whether you’ve intentionally designed it or not. It’s there in your image, identity, reputation, values, drivers and how you communicate. These are the very things that represent you in everyday life. When you’re at the top of your game, how your personal brand is perceived by others is critical to your career success.

A strong social brand represents your value promise and succinctly expresses to your target audience who you are, what you do and how you do it. It will significantly boost your online profile and enhance your professional and social online presence.

The online world is a digital minefield. To navigate it, we utilise our vast experience in working with executives from all over the world, together with tried and tested methodologies, to position industry leaders as genuine experts in their field. We will work with you — one-on-one — to define, shape and showcase your online personal brand and deliver genuine results for your career.

What’s in it for you?

  • Time: cut out the guesswork and know who your audience is. Take back time otherwise wasted on ‘false’ opportunity.
  • Attraction: get your message right and clients, headhunters and partners will come to you.
  • Increased income: a strong social brand will provide opportunities to charge more, earn more and negotiate for more.
  • Peace of mind: your social brand will help you to focus on the things you truly love to do!
  • Job opportunities: clarity and visibility of who you are will enable you to focus on your job search, make an online impact and acknowledge your strengths.
  • Promotional prospects: get noticed at work, demonstrate your skills and influence decision makers.
  • Passive opportunities: get ahead of the curve in the passive / hidden job market.

Ready to rock your online personal brand?

Online personal branding packages

Personal branding for savvy executives and entrepreneurs

A fully branded LinkedIn profile (everything from the BluMoon LinkedIn package) 

A digital brand analysis: find out where your digital brand is now and the gaps you need to fill to get to where you want to be.

Eight weeks of social brand coaching to help you design and refine a personal brand that rocks, plus the tools for continued self-management, including: 

* Brand clarity and planning

* Messaging and communications

* Social media strategy

* Social branding implementation

* Strategies for success

**sessions last for approximately 60-90 minutes per week.

Investment fee:  £2500

(Can be split into two or three payments, please ask for details)